Well… That was refreshing.

Just don't ask...

Jeez, where has the time gone… Somewhere apparently?

I think coaching baseball became a black hole where time doesn’t escape and light struggles to reach the outside. I’ve taken on more responsibility than I should, but dammit it’s fun.

Three teams.

You heard me correctly, three. I’m assistant coaching two 10s teams and managing one 13s team. I coach a practice every single day, sometimes I run them sometimes I assist, depending on the team and the day. Pitching, batting, catching, throwing. Technique technique technique…

This weekend I’ll spend half my Saturday at a tournament in Dakota Ridge, CO after practicing with my juniors team earlier in the day. Then the weather will warm up and I’ll be out on the field every day instead of indoors. Soon my arm will become rigid and wickedly stiff and I’ll start ranting about games that were “ours to lose.”

In the mean time, I’m going to get back to actually writing about baseball. I’ll be more general sure but I won’t stop. I’ll be here instead of being stupid and depriving myself of quality alone time with my keyboard.

Here’s to my return, and hoping that I lay low while I fail at baseball analysis.

Later today or early tomorrow: I’ll give my thoughts on my team…

Eat, Sleep, Baseball… wait… no sleep




  1. Minoring In Baseball

    Good luck with all of your teams. I’ll be coaching two teams this spring/summer, head coach of my youngest t-ball team, and assistant to my oldests’ 9-11 team. It will be a busy summer, and you’re lucky to be able to get on a field this time of year. In Michigan there’s still tons of snow on the ground.

  2. This is a very simple game...

    Welcome back to the blogs Foxx! I look forward to your thoughts on your team. That is so great that coach all of those teams – reminds me of my dad who always had a softball team going for my sister and one for me and then a lot of random coaching activities at our schools. Kids will never forget a good coach. They’re every bit as important as any other good teacher.
    — Kristen

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