Tulo Shirt Experiment: Day 3

Well. This has been a quick running success. Day 4 looks promising *cough* Padres *cough*.

So anyway, Most of you were superbored today. No baseball for a lot of people.
Me? I had baseball. I got my sweep.
Oh and Rockies Homestand: 9-1
Yeah, you saw that right.
Last time Rockies were this hot? 2007
World Series Appearance? I think this is likely.
Lets get to it!
 Colorado: Scruffy Don’t Like You Stealin’ His Home Run There Boy!


Indeed, Giambi got revenge.
Stubbs robbed a very nicely hit homer from Giambi. 
As we know, Giambi doesn’t take that from anyone.
Later on he launched a ball deep to center, Stubbs ran as fast as his legs could carry him but it just carried right over him and plated two runners.
Scruffy gets revenge.
While we’re on the topic of how this occurred, lets talk about this.
Last night I practically had a seizure over Seth Smith.
Two outs…
Two on…
Guess who comes up to bat?
Mr. Clutch, Seth Smith.
Lines it to right, one run comes in and here comes the rally.
Giambi comes up, deep center, two runs come in.
Garrett Atkins comes up, HOME RUN, two runs in.
Yeah… thats essentially how we went from down by one, to up by four.
That lead didn’t go away despite Contreras getting some bad luck by pulling a muscle while running.
Fortunately, we had the ever ironic ex-Tiger Juan Rincon, who managed to not only pitch three scoreless, but fan five in the process.
The rest of the game, oddly enough, was a bit of a blur for me.
Tulo Shirt Day 4 coming up! Lets see how long I can correlate ridiculous superstition with a fantastic win streak!
Rockies go up against the Padres, who my friend once referred to as the Madres…
De La Rosa, aka one of the most underrated pitchers in baseball (most wins in the majors since June 1st, take that Wainwright… Yes, I know he doesn’t have more wins total…)
Tulo is now available as a… pinch hitter? 
Alrighty then, I’ll just go sit over here… my head hurts.
Red Sox take on 80% of the Tampa Bay Rays. Lester takes the mound looking to extend his ridiculous 21-5 lifetime at Fenway. Good luck Tampa! =P
Note on my personal life:
If you’re still reading, now I get to bore you!
On Saturday is my first Cross Country run out of many I plan to run this year (including one in the middle of winter in freezing temp!) 
Its only 4.5 miles but it will be the first time I get to experience beautiful Estes Park.
I’ll be waking up early, running for a little under an hour, and then the fun part:
Breakfast cookout!
Beautiful views, good exercise, and an awesome hot breakfast. Saturday will be fun!
Crazy with anticipation,


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