The Completely Necessary Jeter Post

OK I need to clean this post before I start

The line represents me shutting of my Red Sox blinders.
Just an FYI… Yankees fans don’t expect me to post on your team often.
As the Rockies announcer says when a ball leaves the park:
Take a good look, you won’t see it for long.


A New Iron Horse?
Jeter 9-9-09.jpg

Tied the team hits leader: Lou Gehrig
Take a look at the number 2,721
Thats incredible. Now, I’ve never seen Jeter as a defensive shortstop, but he does get the job done. On the other hand, I have always known him as a great hitter. This man is definitely a showstopper. He has gone through many different stances, each leading to a new a different swing and a load of new hits.
He is a pure hitter. He is the type of guy I would NEVER expect to come up on a PED list.
I’d probably pass out.
He doesn’t get his hitting skill from just anywhere. As I mentioned before, this is the guy who has had a number of different stances. He adjusts his hitting for every problem he finds.
THAT is the sign of a quality hitter.
He doesn’t look like he’s anywhere near slowing down. He seems to be getting BETTER. How long will he go? Only time will tell.
Either way, the Yankees and their fans should be grateful for what they have:
An everyday player who is always looking to improve and has a constant drive to succeed in every aspect of his game.
Thats your captain. Don’t take that for granted.
Now that my Red Sox blinders have returned… you know what?
Carl Yastrzemski
 3,419 Hits…
I feel better now.
Thats OUR hits leader. Your move yankees…
We’ll wait for you to catch up Derek 


  1. juliasrants

    And don’t you love our hit leader!!!! And I have to be honest – I have mixed feelings about “crowning” Jeter the new hit leader for the Yankees because we never got to see Lou Gehrig complete his career! How many more hits and HRs did he have in him if he could have played his career to it’s natural end? You know he would have hit 500 HRs – he was so close! And it’s the “what ifs” that make the breaking of this record so unsatisfying. If Yaz’s record ever gets broken – then WOW that would be something.


  2. Jane Heller

    Nice post, Mike. I love the part about not taking Jeter for granted. I don’t. I’ve been watching him since he came up as a rookie and followed him every step of the way. Players like him don’t come along very often. Thanks for acknowledging that.

  3. taleoftwoleagues

    Just a note here, heard this morning:
    Jeter was concerned that his standing ovation was too long and he thought he may have been disrespectful to Tampa. Thats very nice of him. Call me when you see A-Rod do something like that because it won’t happen.

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