Tulo Shirt!

Oh Tulo shirt, How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

Interesting, so I wore my Tulo shirt again yesterday… LOOK WHAT HAPPENED!
Rockies 3 Reds 1
Red Sox 10 Orioles 0
I’m taking Jeff’s advice and wearing it again today… It has a good track record.
Oh also… I know I’m pimping my other post, but if you haven’t read it… GO READ MY FOOTBALL POST! I mean, if anyone can give me a reason to watch or not watch, its someone here.
Today we shall see if Tulo shirt magic works only after a wash or if it just… works.
Anyway… that shirt is working. Damn straight.
Ace Flu Update:

The problem here… my update overlaps with my game summary. Well whatever,
Jason Marquis
He’s definitely a false alarm case. One bad outing but he didn’t catch it. Good lord.
More on this later.
Scott Kazmir
Boy did he recover… Unfortunately for Tampa Bay, he recovered after leaving. Good going guys.
Brad Lidge
I think he is the prototype of the Closer Strain of the Ace Flu… its kind like how Bird Flu jumped to humans… Ace Flu might jump to Closers. He’s been on this BLAH streak all year after a perfect season. You’ve gotta be kidding me. How? You can’t manage to crash that hard. I don’t know.
Red Sox: Boy Wonder and The Derby

Ok… so I think the offense here outshined our boy, but lets take our eyes off it for a moment.
Clay aka Boy Wonder went 7 IP on 3 hits. Very nice. Lately he’s been a very solid piece of our rotation. I hope this continues because we sure as hell need it down the stretch as October is approaching.
He had everything working for him, and he pretty much mowed down the opposition’s lineup. Thats exactly why we didn’t want to trade him.
NOW the offense. Yeah sorry, I made you wait.
Ok… so this i heard this morning, I hadn’t thought about this but It makes this victory so much better:
Over the entire series in Chicago… we scored 10 Runs.
In this SINGLE GAME… we scored 10 runs.
Side note: Papi tied the record for most home runs by a DH. Papi get one more in so you can break it. BECOME LEGENDARY. end note.
That’s a big improvement. Thats a great sign.
With the shimmering light of hope that seems to signal Beckett’s return, Lester’s emergence as the most dominant thing in the rotation, Boy Wonder’s solid pitching, and the offensive prowess, we seem to be lining up for a good September. Lets make it work. Our schedule seems good right now, hopefully it works out as planned and ends with a Yankee smashing.
Colorado: I’m Sorry Giants, We Deserve This…

Look who returned from fantasyland!
Jason Marquis!
He comes back to pitch a nice 7 shutout innings.
Oh yes Giants, we are going to fight you tooth and nail every step of the way. We will grasp that wildcard lead until October. Even if you kill us all, we will still be clutching that lead in our  very dead hands. 
This relentlessness is what is working for us right now.
Tulo has a back problem… but I have a good feeling he’ll be back soon as its not anything terribly serious. However, he doesn’t want to risk a major injury in this critical time so he’s taking a break to make sure his back loosens up.
Street is on his way back, I’m not too worried because I know he’ll be just as dominant as when he left. Morales in the mean time is pitching some NASTY breaking balls. Exciting guy to watch. 
Cook is also on his way back. As much as I want him back, I strongly encourage him not to rush. Contreras looks very good right now and I don’t want a half injured pitcher coming back too fast. I trust he’ll take the time.
In other news… Erik Young Jr. took the ball out of the park. 1st Career Homer. Good start.
Clint Barmes was taking over at SS today making a terrific running grab. Its good that we still have good defense with Tulo out.
Anyway… I’m looking forward to tonight. I wanna see two more goo
d games.
Tonight: Hammel for Colorado, not too worried there. He’s solid
Byrd for Boston. We’ll see. I have nothing else to say.
Question for today if you got this far: 
Brought up on ESPN radio… I was wondering this. How stupid do you think this is… Baseball is the only sport where you can make a great play and the other team retaliates. I am reffering to the PLUNK many receive after hitting the long ball. I think this is incredibly stupid.
Agree? Disagree? Why?
Hoping for an Ace Flu vaccine,


  1. Jane Heller

    I agree that retaliation for the long ball is stupid. It’s one thing to dust a guy off the plate if a pitcher feels he’s gotten too comfortable. It’s another to actually plunk him on purpose just because the pitcher threw him one right down the middle!


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