I’m not a football guy…

So Sue Me…


So wait… stop me if you didn’t know, but I don’t watch football and never have.
The problem is… OTHER THAN HOCKEY, I have nothing else to watch until March. Its depressing and boring. I can only make virtual baseball happen after October. I can’t spark the entire MLB to continue to play for our amusement. If only…
Working out here, since I like the Rockies/Red Sox, every kid at my job assumes I like football and continue to assume that I like the Broncos/Patriots.
Why must you assume these things? It hurts when I have to say: “I don’t watch football,” and then the conversation dies.
My dad has got his sports (hockey not being one of them):
Out of everything I’m willing to watch… I don’t want to watch Golf or Basketball. I will watch Tennis occasionally, mostly because everything tennis related on TV is a high pressure tournament so theres always that atmosphere.
We get down to football.
I never watch it, why? I don’t know… theres really not a good reason besides I’ve never felt like  it.
That being said… I know nothing about it. If someone bothered to show me I might be remotely interested, but as it stands I haven’t been given a good reason to start watching.
Anyone want to give me one?

One comment

  1. juliasrants

    I could give you a thousand reasons to watch football – I LOVE IT!!! The catches that leave you scratching your head and wondering – how did he catch that? The ability of the QB to not only throw under pressure, but to scan the field and find that person who is open. The QB really is like a general on the field. The impossibly long field goal attempts that some how go through the uprights. And yes, there are the hits and tackles and the physical aspects of the game – but it is so much more then that. I am a HUGE Patriots fan! You should give it a try.


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