I had things to do…. Don’t blame me.

I had a long weekend, so I was busy (meaning I was too lazy to post)…

With that being said… I can talk about what happened over the weekend if any of it was truly worth speaking about.
This is going to become a very frequent part of my blogging… so get used to this next part;
Ace Flu Update
So… Recovery seems to be coming along nicely, with two new victims that I noticed:
Jason Marquis
Wow that last outing of your against the mets was QUITE bad. For someone so solid, its depressing. Hopefully this case isn’t so serious. He’s very much needed for this Wildcard run.
J.A. Happ
It’s less Ace Flu and more the Mediocrity Bug. The last start he had wasn’t awful, but it was not that great. Lets see how he gets along soon.
On the side of recovery we have:
Roy Halladay
Shut down the entire NY lineup. Good stuff. Looks like you’re back, no question. I didn’t notice a single thing wrong with his start
Josh Beckett
A solid 3 ER outing on sunday, more on this later. I noticed a lot of trouble with the breaking ball, but he seems to be throwing his fastball more in the location he wants it for strikes. Also his velocity jumped back up to 95+ instead of the 93 and below he’s been throwing it.
Back to your normal programming…
Colorado: Check Out My Win Streak

Ok, we’ve got a few things on tap today because of my laziness.
1) Scruffy (again)
2) Tulo?
3) Ian Stewart and His Loud Bat
4) Morales/Street
5) Torrealba 

First up… Giambi
Scruffy actually gave Helton a day off!
His stat doesn’t show a good game but I can attest to the fact that he hit the ball very well, he just got some VERY unlucky positioning going on in the field which led to some very fine outs. He continues to look like he can actually swing the bat. I think he will prove quite useful for this team.

Well, he strained his back getting to first on an RBI. Thats gotta suck. It doesn’t seem like I need to slam the panic button just yet. We’ll see if he’s in the lineup. Either way, we need him to be in that lineup. Fowler should be back this week as well, expect a full lineup to slam our way to the playoffs.

Ian Stewart
4 homers in the last 5 games? I like that stat. I don’t know what else there is to say about him. His power surge couldn’t have come at a better time. This is when we need him.

Doing OK in the closer role for now, but if we want to seriously compete, Street needs to come back so Morales can put the depth back in our pen.

Best hitting streak in the majors eh? Clutch hitting? 
He hit .500 in the second round of the playoffs in 2007, look for that to return.

The game that occurred on Sunday was interesting. Someone’s winning streak had to come to an end. Rockies at 4, Reds at 7.

Rockies decided that it was time for the Reds to stop winning.
Ian Stewart and his home run made that point very clear.

Lets see how the rest of the series plays out (including Marquis and his Flu Recovery)

Boston: I Predict A Comeback

Ok… so the stint on the road with Chicago was a failure but I found out some really good things during the series loss.
1) Lester is very consistent
This guy doesn’t know how to stop his roll. He’s flat out the best thing for this team right now. Even during everyone’s individual slumps and streaks, he’s been red hot. He knows how to get the game going and get the offense moving. Heres to hoping he’ll keep up the great work.
2) Beckett might be over this… thing… that got into his pitching arm
I saw the most recent outing. The fact that he can now throw his fastball for strikes again is very important. That was what was killing him before. The last step is fixing that breaking ball. 3 ER without a long ball is VERY promising to his recovery. One more start and I’ll know if he’s over it. I am desperately wanting that.
3) Clay gets it now
He seems to be figuring out his stuff. He knows what pitches to throw and when to throw them. It works for me.
Lets see what happens tonight.
The loss yesterday was very disappointing as nobody seemed to be taking the chances given to the team. Throughout the series… it seemed like every time runners got into scoring position, the offense would just DIE. It wasn’t the opposing pitcher being great, it was the offense being scarce. This MUST BE FIXED if Boston wants a playoff spot this year.
On the hunt, but not necessarily after you,


  1. TribeTed

    Beckett showed to be strong in his last outing:

    hey he found his game again!!

    What a small…sm.. world, yeah.

    Sorry daydreaming!! 🙂 Got a new post up though.

    The Sox might have the Rangers to beat to get to the playoffs – the Rangers are

    killing the indians in game one of the doubleheader today and could move up on the Sox if they were to lose.

    Look out for TEX

    they are mighty and powerful as is their lineup.

    Stay away xxxxxx. Haha put the X’s up

    –Ted “TTW/T”


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